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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking, this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone. a big story at noon, for americans including the state department officer are dead. -- four americans. this comes after a film made by
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an islamic in california. >> this is the stand that the u.s. consulate after an armed mob attack the compound, killing american ambassador chris stevens and three others. >> we will not waver to see justice is done for this terrible act, and make no mistake, a justice will be done. >> hours earlier protesters overran the embassy. both confrontations blamed on the film made here in the united states and released on the internet. mitt romney condemned the attack, and also obama administration for what it called a misguided message. >> apologizing for the right of free speech is not the course of an administration. >> chris stevens was a career
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diplomat and had been in libya since muammar gaddafi was ousted. >> he risked his life to stop a tyrant, then gave his life trying to help build a better libya. the world needs more chris stevens's. >> the administration made it clear it was carried out by libyans, but not by libya. it said the country was working to find and punish those responsible. meanwhile, the united states is stepping up personnel for diplomatic personnel in libya and around the globe. in washington, brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore county officials are stepping up security after middle school student brought a gun to class and ended at himself and fellow students. the latest on the investigation and how the community is reacting in an update. >> school officials tell us they
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are increasing their presence of baltimore county schools and the county has ordered 10 hand-held metal detectors for officers to use of their discretion. stemmers run middle school involved a frantic scene involving a 13-year-old classmate tuesday morning. they say in a eighth grader brandished a loaded gun and aimed it at his teacher, fellow classmates, and himself. they credit their teacher with taking away the 25 caliber semi- automatic handgun and diffusing the situation. >> she lunged toward him and smacked it out of his hand in yelledand yelled no. >> baltimore county new superintendent said tuesday's incident coupled with the other shooting has made it new changes in security. >> they will have metal detectors or hand-held once and
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as they get reasonable suspicion, it will gethey will . >> tuesday night he addressed concerned parents and outlined plans to review the school system security in a crisis plan to create a dedicated office of safety and security. >> safety needs to be paramount. it needs to be given before you think about academic achievement. we're taking this extremely seriously and a comprehensive approach to it. >> police say the eighth grader was armed with a hunting knife. he is in police custody and is expected to be charged as a juvenile. >> we have breaking news right now. going to captain roy taylor in sky team 11. >> with all the incidents
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happening at the high schools lately when you're over at a parking lot near asylum lain or the shooting has occurred. it did not occur at a high school. it is not involving the high school whatsoever. from what police have told me, there was a suspect, a victim that were shot adjacent to the high school and ended up wandering onto the parking lots of the high school. medic units are on the scene treating that individual. we do not of the seriousness at the time, but the high school is not involved in the shooting whatsoever. we're still trying to get more information. as we do, we will update you. >> thank you. the latest gun incidents as cool, more than two weeks after the terry called shooting. that suspect is back in court. he's been charged as an adult with nine counts of attempted murder and a host of other charges. he is accused of bringing a shot
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gun to school in opening fire, wounding a special new -- special needs students. he was released from hospital monday and is steadily recovering. >> he is a fighter. he has fought from the minute he was hurt. i cannot say enough about him and how he has just done what he had to do and came through for all of us. >> police say daniel was hit ran dublin he allegedly opened fire -- when the gunman opened fire in the school auditorium. a sheriff's deputy killed in a car crash last week. he was returning to his office early thursday morning would be lost control of his car, went down an embankment slammed into two trees. services begin about an hour ago. the funeral procession begins at 12:30 and will travel to
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bellaire community gardens. of ewing will be held for a police officer who died in a freak accident from i-95 this week. died aftere met meda falling nearly 50 feet when he got off ta party bus. funeral services are tonight. funeral services are friday morning. -- the visitation is tonight. >> things still remaining very quiet in the weather department. a lot of sunshine being reported at the airport. the current temperature has jumped up to 75 degrees. dew point is now with 51, still relatively low, though higher than what we saw yesterday. slowly starting to see more moisture work back into the atmosphere. we're expecting a high of around 80 degrees. moseley said the skies through 6:00 or drop into the mid-70's.
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it does, cool off quite quickly as the sun sets. the change is coming up in the seven-day coming up. -- the changes coming up in the seven-day coming up. >> still to come, glasses are still empty in chicago. the teachers are on strike. what is causing the
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>> chicago school system is at a standstill for a third straight day as 30,000 teachers refused to return to the classroom. the group walked through the streets of chicago yesterday. the teachers' union says it has this agree to 36 banks in the contract. one of the main things is teacher of valuations. >> i do believe it is totally and avoidable and totally unnecessary. -- one of the main a sticking point is teacher evaluation. >> i miss my teacher. >> 400,000 kids are out of the classroom once again today. at chicago deals with close
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schools, new york has an open landmark. visitors will once again be able to go inside the statue of liberty. it has been closed since last october for renovations. the public will be allowed back inside october 28. on 11 news ato come noon, the cost of staying connected. why some people pay more to talk than to eat. apple just minutes away from a big announcement. what you might see in iphone5 next in consumer alert. >> skies are clear across the west coast. this is the next rainmaker that could affect the seven-day forecast. details coming up. first, a live look from
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>> in today's consumer alert, as we all know, the popularity of the smart phone continues to grow, but it seems many americans sacrifice a big chunk of their income to stay connected. one in five pays more for the monthly wireless plan than they do for groceries. forthird paid d more than basic utilities. it is that willingness to spend that ihas apple very excited about the new announcement. they are expected to unveil the new iphone5 this morning. we're in san francisco with a closer look. >> months of speculation and
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rumor set to give way to the reality of the iphone5. >> apparently the whole world is holding its breath. >> many will gasp when they get a look at what is expected to be a slimmer, sleeker, faster phone with better memory and better applications. even now the familiar voice of suri will likely have more to say. >> it should be able to do encyclopedia knowledge and sports. analysts say we could also get a taste of a few more new and improved apples in this bunch. >> we will probably see the ipad and new nanos id software. also, their first major test for tim cook since the passing of steve jobs. >> tim cook has to hit this out of the park. this has his finger prints all over it. -- this has steve jobs
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fingerprints all over it. >> we should have a definitive answer on that. early indications are the new iphone will be in stores on december 21. in san francisco, j. gray, wbal- tv 11 news. >> now, your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with a memova mar. >> our beautiful weather continues. 77 downtown at the inner harbor. 75 in columbia. i would not be surprised if we get close to the 80 degree mark as we look into the afternoon. the heat is pushing right back to the east. much warmer if you look into texas where they are in the 80's are ready. what a contrast in kansas and colorado. -- texas in the 80's already.
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very cool air coming in behind the latest cold front. this will move our way eventually, getting there at least by friday night, maybe into saturday as well. you can see that on the satellite picture with a lot of clouds associated with it. as the storm tracks across the east, i think a lot of it will fall apart. even though the front may move to our area, we may not see a whole lot of rain out of it. we will watch that on the future cast in just a little bit. first, i want to mention this height area of high pressure -- i want to mention this area of high pressure. this is doing as another favor, kicking the latest tropical system out to sea. here is what we have now, a tropical storm nadine traveling to the west, northwest. it will continue on the west, northwest fashion until the high pressure comes off the atlantic coast and steer it back into the atlantic. that is good news for us. we have a second bonus as it
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moves the storm away from us. that is what will happen out in the atlantic. backboards our area, friday at lunchtime. -- back to our area, friday at lunchtime. this moves into maryland, possibly giving as rain later friday and into saturday morning. noticed this as we get into early saturday, a lot clouds, but not a lot of green. what the model is indicating is a lot of the rain may fall apart as it crosses through, especially over the nighttime hours. that may be good news if we do not have too much rain to worry about. temperatures dropped into the50 50's overnight. high pressure is our friend through much of early friday. then we watch for possible rain shower into friday night. the cold front passes through and back into the 70's this
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weekend. >> in today's medical alert, there may be an alternative to the traditional pain relieving medicines available for pregnant women. doctors tested nitrous oxide in found they received -- receive safe and effective pain relief. the method should be considered a viable alternative for women who did not want more invasive things such as an epidural. it is affected and allows the mother to be awake during the birthing process. it is often difficult to know who you are helping, but you could be saving the life of a newborn. >> meet landon tendmen, sitting still is not his mo. >> if i wanted you to skip, show me a skip.
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>> he has been active since before birth. when she reached 38 weeks of pregnancy, she was worried. >> she said i cannot find anything that makes me feel good about this. how soon can you be at the hospital? >> doctor said the baby was a little anemic and needed an emergency seec-section. somehow he transfuse most of his body out -- blood out of his body in intand into paula. he needed an immediate transfusion. >> if he did not have blood, he would have died >. >> that was followed by a complete transfusion. perhaps the long listfoest four hours of their lives. >> a week later healthy as if
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nothing had ever happened, he was about to go home. >> i have led a lot of very successful blood drives. very ironic. >> if you still need encouragement to save -- to give the gift of life, she has a simple message -- saves. is twho you >d. >> up next, your mayor of a lottery numbers and another check of the forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour. is performing at this hour. stay
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♪ >> once again the orioles rebound from a top loss and tied for first place in the american league east. baltimore is up in the third eveniinning. two innings later that wiener lends a hand with a home run almost out of the park. five-one. j.j. just needed a triple. he gave them one better, his second home run of the night.
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5 rbi's in all. o's win 9-2. now your maryland lottery pick three and pick four numbers. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> pick three numbers. 0. the next number is 1. final number is a 7. 0, 1, 7.our numbers 9 play today for your chance to win cash or ravens tickets. bob diamond is ready. a 3. followed by 8.
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next number is 2. last number is 8. 3, 8, 2, 8. maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> ava as a last look at whether. it is perfect outside. >> i know. enjoy it while we have it. beautiful weather today. high near 80 degrees with lots of sunshine. much of the same tomorrow. by friday, maybe a few more clouds. watching for rain friday night into saturday. we may not get that much rain out of it. >> looks great. thank you, ava. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> have a great day. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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